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Top 15 Reasons to Study MBBS in Philippines


Top 15 Reasons to Study MBBS in Philippines

  1. The universities of Philippines are recognized by different medical directories including MCI, WHO, IMED, ECFMG.
  2. The universities of Philippines are known for their standard and best quality of education.
  3. The faculty of Philippines universities is from different countries consisting India as well as the USA, making it sure that the student gets best possible education in terms of quality.
  4. The professors who are appointed in medical universities are highly qualified and experienced.
  5. Philippines universities do not accept any capitation fee or any donation.
  6. The college fees of medical universities are very low as compared to that of Indian medical college.
  7. As the universities of Philippines are regulated by Philippines ministry of education, therefore the college does not have any capitation fee or donation.
  8. The climatic condition of these two countries is very similar. Another major advantage of the same climatic conditions is that people of Philippines will have the same pattern of disease similar to that of India, which is very helpful for the students who want to practice in India.
  9. The education pattern followed in Philippines universities is similar to US. So this opens up many career opportunities for the student who wants to go to UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc.
  10. The medium which is used for teaching in Philippines is also English which makes it easy for the Indian students to understand everything and adjust in the atmosphere of college.
  11. The medical college of Philippines is more focused on the practical as compared to that of theory so that the practical experience can help the student later during their practice.
  12. The faculty at the universities are very helpful in nature.
  13. The flight connectivity with India provides easy transportation without any problem.
  14. As compared to early statistics, there has been enormous growth in terms of the Indian population in Philippines medical colleges.
  15. The universities of Philippines also train the students to qualify for the MCI screening test so that if any student wants to return back to India he can easily pass the screening test.




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