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Study MBBS at Kyiv Medical University Ukraine

Study MBBS at Kyiv Medical University Ukraine


Curriculum at Kyiv Medical University

Lectures are formulated as training sessions intended for learning theoretical material with the utilization of scientific accomplishments and achievements with the use of the lecturer’s experience in the subject as well as modern multimedia presentations.

Practical classes are more specific in their approach and have been designed to discuss the topic presented in the lecture along with its practical implications and to develop the ability to use the knowledge presented in the lecture in a real time scenario.

During Seminars an experienced and applicable lecturer arranges and organizes discussion and debates on covered academic topics under watch of an expert medical teacher to instill confidence in each participant and to come up with as many possible questions to have in depth knowledge of the subject.

Students get to prepare their performances on the basis of individual assignments which could be in the form of essays and topics etc.
Consultations are also included in the practical training sessions for students. In this, a student exchange knowledge and information in the form of answers from the teachers learn about the academic positions or aspects of their practical submission.

Individual tasks are assigned to students to train them in carrying out the various tasks such as with patient histories, collection of papers, taking calculations and drawings. These tasks are provided to the students to carry out amidst their course with the help of teacher’s consultation.


Affiliated Hospitals and Clinical Bases of Kyiv Medical University


Educational and clinical base of departments of universities are located in clinical sites of city and research institutions such as:

  • TB Clinic
  • Kiev Official Forensic examination
  • Kiev City Clinical Hospital No.1
  • Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 8
  • Road Hospital
  • Alexander Hospital
  • Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 5
  • Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 2
  • Alexander Clinical Hospital
  • City Sports Center

  • Kiev City Children’s Hospital no. 1
  • The Institute of Cancer National Academy of Medical Sciences, Ukraine
  • Institute of Otorhinolaryngology, NAMs Ukraine
  • Institute of Traumatologu and Orthopedic, NAMs Ukraine
  • Institute of Neurosurgery, NAMs Ukraine
  • Kiev City Psychoneorological Hospital No. 1
  • Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 12
  • Kiev City Clinical Hospital no. 11
  • Own Clinical site
  • Kiev City Oncocenter

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Hostel facilities at Kyiv Medical university Ukraine

Courses Offered at Kyiv Medical University Ukraine

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