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MBBS in Bangladesh

In India, there are many students who aspire to become Doctor by profession one day but due to the lack of opportunities, they don’t get a chance to complete their dream.

These students can choose Bangladesh to complete their dreams of pursuing MBBS from abroad.

Students who think of becoming a Doctor can certainly consider Bangladesh as the best place to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is considered to be the safest place as there is no consumption of alcohol or drugs reason being it is considered illegal. The language used in teaching the students is English which makes it easy for Indian students to understand everything and comprehend.

The process by which food is prepared here and the taste of the food is very much similar to that of India making it easy for the Indian students to adjust to the new atmosphere. The medical colleges of Bangladesh are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India) as well as WHO (World Health Organization) proving that these colleges are best to study in.

And as we all know that the private college in India are very expensive and since there is a lot of similarity in the college of Bangladesh and India in terms of syllabus, books, study pattern, duration of the course and everything else. The admission process in Bangladesh is very easy and smooth running procedure. The colleges of Bangladesh don’t take any donation at the time of admission.

And one of the major and most important features of doing MBBS from Bangladesh is that student gets the opportunity to complete their internship from either world-class medical college or multinational companies and hospitals. The education system of Bangladesh is more focused on practical learning as compared to that of the theoretical learning.

The fees structure of Bangladesh is very low and affordable as compared to Indian medical colleges and many other developed countries. And since the universities of Bangladesh is recognized by MCI therefore after completing their course, the student can return back to India or can continue their practice in Bangladesh.



So start preparing yourself to get admitted in the medical universities.


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