Exam stress can have a very negative impact on any student’s success if not controlled in due time. Extremely competitive and tough exams tend to stress the students and are an unavoidable part of student life. If you are able to apply a few tips to overcome Exam stress, you’ll definitely become a calmer, happier and more successful student. With the competition like NEET UG Exam preparation alone might not be sufficient to get you high ranking rather you should aim to prepare in the best possible way to ace your Exams.

Learn and apply time management techniques

A study involving students revealed that those who had been implementing time management techniques during NEET UG Exam preparations showed lower levels of exam-related anxiety than those who had not.

Effective time management includes getting enough rest and a good night’s sleep which leaves you feeling more energised so that you’re able to focus when studying. Managing your time well helps you to avoid feeling overwhelmed, so you’ll be less stressed.

Cultivate the habit of writing the things that worry you

Whenever you are worried or stressed during NEET UG Exam preparations take a few moments to write about your fears. Writing will help to reduce your anxiety and in turn significantly improve your grades especially those who were habitually anxious about taking tests.

Listen to quiet and calming music

Listening to quiet and calming music can help during NEET UG Exam preparations to reduce stress. The comforting and soothing effect of music on our minds and bodies is extraordinarily good. Music is an effective tool to manage stress before exams. It slows down the pulse, lowers down blood pressure, and decreases levels of stress hormones.

So students preparing for strenuous and rigorous exams should try to allocate 10 minutes a day to tune in to some relaxing music and kick out the exam stress.

Avoid continuous multitasking

Multitasking makes you less productive and more distracted. Doing several tasks at the same time may look like an efficient use of time, but continuous multitasking reduces the quality of your work and actually wastes more time. Try to remove all distractions before you start working. Prepare a list of all the tasks you have committed to complete for the day, work through one task at a time. Set a realistic deadline for every task on the list.

Focus on making progress rather than perfection

While working on your NEET UG Exam preparations focus on the progress you’re making instead of your perceived failures. Don’t be too hard on yourself set realistic goals instead of trying to achieve the impossible feat in a limited amount of time.

Being a perfectionist may sound ideal, but it often causes undue stress. If you always aim for “perfection”, without appreciating the preparation you got done you may not make progress and get stuck at topics for longer duration wasting a lot more time than actually needed for that particular topic.

Simplify, summarize, and compress the information.

With such a vast amount of syllabus to be studied and prepared for one of the nations most competitive and tough exams preparing for the exams without any well-defined strategy might not bring you the desired result. With so many topics to be covered and retained for NEET-UG exams preparations, using techniques to effectively help and bring beneficial results, in the long run, can be a strong bet.

Study smart by using mnemonic devices like acronyms whenever possible as these are proven to increase learning efficiency. In addition, you could summarize the information into a comparison table, diagram, or mind map which will also help you learn the information much faster.

Take notes while studying

Students who take notes by hand tend to process and reframe the information much faster. Jotting down the information while studying make a much permanent impression in your brain. Writing notes by hand makes the Students performance better in tests and NEET-UG exams.

Go for walks and Exercise regularly

Walking gives you time to think and take your mind away from studying for a short while. Going for a walk with your family or friends for 10 or 20 minutes can prove to be a great way to unwind and feel relaxed. You can also do some form of exercise like jogging, biking, running, etc or practise yoga or meditation to increase focus and enhance memory retention during NEET-UG Exam Preparations.

Use positive affirmations

Repeating positive affirmations out loud to yourself several times a day is a powerful way to calm yourself and knocking down the exam blues. Positive affirmations help reduce exam stress and motivate you to believe in yourself and your preparation, making you more confident and positive during NEET-UG exams.

Some positive affirmations you can try the next time you feel stressed are-

  • I’m becoming more focused
  • I’m continuing to work hard
  • I’m getting better at taking exams
  • I’m enjoying the process of learning
  • I’m going to perform well on this exam

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