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Hostel facilities at Jilin Medical University

Hostel facilities at Jilin Medical University

Jilin University is a comprehensive university with 6 school zones, and 7 campuses, located in different parts in Changchun. The university has a network of 6 dormitories on different locations. The students can choose one that fits them.


The international students can look forward to a pleasant campus life at the university.

The rooms are equipped with table, bookcase, wardrobe, telephone, TV set, network interface, private bathroom and shower.

Hostels have reading rooms, tearoom and fitness rooms in the building.

All the campuses have gyms, sports arenas and recreation centres.

Special measures are taken of the security 24×7.

All asian cuisines available in the hostel.


All the students at Jilin Medical University are medically insured as per the norms of china government.

The Insurance Company covers the expenses of medical treatment due to disease or accidental injuries and relevant compensation.

Student Associations for assisting international students at Jilin Medical University

International Students Association (ISA), founded by students of Jilin University, is attached to College of International Education of Jilin University. Its aim is to establish a bridge of communication between Chinese students and foreign students, for which it organizes activities to enrich students’ extracurricular life and promote their friendship. ISA organizes various activities to provide a stage for the mutual contacts and exchanges between Chinese students and foreign students, helping foreign students fit in Jilin University and the life in China.

Buddy Family association- Association provides a platform for international students and Chinese students to communicate on one-to-one basis. Its aim is to build a bridge of friendship between students around the world, and to serve the foreign students and help them to deal with the problem about their daily lives and study.

According to different situations of different students around the world, the association select local students who can help them in their daily lives and studies at Jilin University. It allocates and match one-to-one partner.

Before foreign students join the university, association organize them to make friends with Chinese students through email, which plays an important role for foreign students to adapt to the Chinese environment.

Culture sharing activities are organised periodically to let Chinese and foreign students experience different cultural customs of different countries.

iCare volunteer association Established in December 2017, the iCare volunteer association is a caring group comprising of the international students of Jilin University. And it volunteers to visit disadvantaged children and the life centers for the elderly and other sorts of volunteer activities.

Library at Jilin Medical University

Libraries of Jilin University spread in an area of around 97629 kmsq., are part of UNESCO Retrieval Unit. The Library stores various kinds of paper publications totaling over 5 million, which covers 6000 rare books in 40000 ancient books. The collections of Local Chronicles, Genealogy, Stone and Bronze Rubbings, Ancient Documents are outstanding among University Libraries.

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