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Direct Admission – MBBS in Nepal

Direct Admission – MBBS in Nepal

Study MBBS at Janaki Medical College, Janakpur  Nepal in 2017 session.

 Limited seats with limited deadline !
 For Admission, NEET Qualified candidate in SC/OB/General category. 
Contact : Dr Avinash Gupta (8173872222) | www.shreetguidance.com
Nepal is famous among Indian students majorly because the quality of education, competitive fee structure and less documentation are among the fewer reasons why for Indian students selecting this country for higher education. Contradictory to other countries, you do not require any visa to study in Nepal. Furthermore, the culture, food habits and lifestyle is matched to a great deal with that of India. All the medical colleges/universities are approved by the Medical Council of India. Even the syllabus curriculum is similar to the Indian counterparts. There is no such language barrier. Being English and Hindi as a communicative language spoken in Nepal, students will find easy to communicate with each other even with their patients at the time of their internship.

MBBS in Nepal is the best opportunity for the Indian students. Nepal is nearby to India and has amicable relations with the nation. Since long time students are studying medicine in Nepal, mostly majority of students is more from the Northern part of the country. The best thing about Nepal medical colleges is that most of the faculty is from India. There are numerous professors who belong to India. If you are looking for direct admission for MBBS in Nepal without donation in best medical colleges within your set budget under Management/Indian/foreign/quota in medical colleges

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