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Why MBBS??

Sure, everybody will tell you about the many advantages of studying a Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS) and how you should start a career dedicated to saving lives and improving healthcare. But there’s so much more to it.
You’ve probably heard about medical job stability and the high salaries of doctors. But did you notice that doctors have it good even during the post-apocalypse? These guys get all the perks even after civilization is wiped out. Everybody protects them because they are the ones who keep the group alive and healthy, in spite of all dangers. They won’t keep you from turning into a zombie once you’re bitten, but they will surely try. That’s why they also usually end up being the group leaders, and the persons with most authority. Just like in real life.

Doctors do need excellent leadership and communication skills as well as a healthy dose of bedside manners. They are part of a team that needs to operate effectively because messing up costs lives. You need to address to your patients clearly and with empathy and also make sure you are on good terms with the nurses who are essential for the patient’s well-being.

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