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MCI introduces 1 month compulsory foundation course for MBBS students

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has launched a one-month foundation course for all the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) students across the country on Professionalism and Ethics.

Foundation Course introduced by the Board of Governors at the beginning of the MBBS course for one-month duration will equip fresh medical student coming from varied backgrounds with the required knowledge and skills, that will assist them in acclimatizing to the new professional environment and provide a sound foundation for learning in the MBBS course and later in their professional career.

The Foundation Course is compulsory, and an attendance of 75% will be mandatory with the total teaching hours being 175.

The major components of the Foundation Course will include:

Orientation module

It will introduce clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a doctor in society, in the health care system and the expectations from society, patients and the profession.

The students will be introduced to History of Medicine and alternate systems practices in India and its impact on patient preferences and choices.

Difference in Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine and Evidence based Medicine and recognition of various career pathways available for Career growth.

Skills Module (Basic)

This involves skill sessions such as Basic Life Support, First Aid, Immunization, Universal precautions and biomedical waste and safety management, significance of documentation in patient care and the proper method of documentation that students need to be trained prior to entering the patient care areas.

Field visit to Community and Primary Health Center

These visits provide orientation to the care delivery through community and primary health centers. It includes interaction with health care workers, patients and their families and understanding of the National Health Goals and Policies.

Professional development including Ethics

This is an introduction to the concept of Professionalism and Ethics. This component will provide students with understanding of clinical competence, communication skills and sound ethical principles.

It will include respect towards the differently abled persons and introduce the students to the basic concept of compassionate care and functioning as a part of a health care team.

Sports and Extracurricular activities

It will demonstrate the importance of work-life balance in a demanding profession, and provide an opportunity for students to have compulsory physical activity -4 hours per week for sports and 2 hours per week for extracurricular activities.

Enhancement of Language / Computer skills / Learning Skills

It will provide opportunity for the students from diverse background and language competence to undergo training for speaking and writing English, fluency in local language and basic computer skills.

The students should be sensitized to various learning methodologies such as small group discussions, skills lab, simulations, documentation and concept of Self-Directed learning.

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Tips for Indian students preparing to Study Abroad

As an international student it is important that you understand how to prepare in advance for your MBBS study abroad without building up any last minute stress. Everyone has a different approach towards preparation and it is best to know what works for you and what not.

Here are some effective tips that can help you to plan out all your necessities beforehand and devoid any untoward happenings:

Build an effective understanding

There is a lot to explore in any new country, but it is also important to keep in mind which country best suits your preferences, lifestyle and education budget.

Understand the environment you will be coming across. Identify what works best for you and which country will be a comfortable destination that will allow you to study at your fullest.

Clear your doubts

Do not hesitate to voice out your dilemmas and clear your doubts with professionals. If you have any doubts, ask it out. There is no need to hesitate when contacting your study abroad consultants experienced in consulting Indian students.

You can also reach out your acquaintances or other international students who are studying there. This way you will also be able to make a well informed and firm decision.

Organize your documents

Ensure that you have all your documents and their copies ready before you start. Most universities require you to bring original documents such as diploma certificate, transcripts, physical examination form, etc.

You should organize all original copies of application documents (and other documents mentioned in the admission letter) with you to the university so that you can show all necessary documents in time.

Planning helps

Plan everything in advance. You can get your accommodation setting and mess facilities all sorted out before leaving the country with the help of your study abroad consultants. There are also International students department at the Universities who provide facility and service for the support of foreign students when you reach.

Don’t reach too late

Keep in mind that International applications need time to process and its best to start out your application early. Make sure you register during the registration period stated by the University. Some students might be willing to wait for some reasons but remember a smooth registration and admission is more important than a cheaper flight.

Prepare different ways for payment

Most universities are restricted with a deadline for tuition fee payment. Hence, you should be well prepared for different ways of payment.

It’s best if you transfer your tuition fee to university’s account before you come. Also bring bank card available for international transactions and open a bank account right after you arrived. All these ways will help you a great deal.

Do not carry too much luggage

You are suggested to only bring necessary things with you. Travelling light will help you save your energy as well as save you from paying any excess baggage charges.

Carry your laptop and things of basic amenities like toothpaste, brush, soaps, clothes, etc. Carry few regular medicines and if any particular medicines are being taken, then it’s important to keep the prescription.

Don’t buy unnecessary insurance beforehand

No matter you have bought insurance in your country or not, you will need to buy insurance in the university as an international student, since it is one of the regulations of the government. You can get is done through your study abroad consultants.Don’t buy unnecessary insurance before you leave your country.

Start early

As an international student you should start early with the research of your study destination. There are a myriad of countries offering quality Medical education at very affordable fees and low cost of living these days.

It is best to start early with your research to be in a stronger position when it’s time to make a decision.

We are top study abroad education consultants who have been assisting medical aspirants to study MBBS abroad at MCI approved government medical colleges of international recognition at very reasonable costs and carve out a niche path for themselves by becoming a qualified Doctor.

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Toll Free: 18002744466
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