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Month: January 2018

Most of us want to study in abroad and making plans for the courses and looking at the details about the colleges. Many questions are in the mind of the aspirants. What to do? How to do? 

Sometimes in a state of total confusion. Clarity of thoughts is must because if you are properly planned and then it’s great and the way to your dream is clear with hurdles. We think that in our dreams there are many hurdles coming how we will achieve our dream? The answer to all the questions is FOCUS. Life is there then problems are also there you must have focused on the target. The hardcore dedication that what will happen in the near future but I will stick to my dream. 

There is no issue in dreaming but there should be potential to fulfill your dreams. Stick to it and run after your dreams then see the magic.

The budget is the very integral part. According to me the funds provided to you should be provided to you used judiciously because it is the hardcore money of your parents. If your lacking shortage of funds then you can take an education loan at a very affordable rate of interest and you can see if any kind of scholarship facility is available at the college and the university in which you are going to apply.

M.B.B.S –bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery, it is not only a study of medicine and surgery but also the study of ethics and importance of the life that we all are living. Doctor’s are recognized as the second god as they save your special one’s life.

And obviously after becoming a successful doctor, one can have a luxurious life. But I want to advice the young aspirants that don’t choose it as your carrier under pressure or for money, because it demands hard work, dedication. As you have to save someone in future. Without pure thinking and heart, you cannot be successful. Medical field also needs discipline and ethics which every medical student should follow. For this, we have Hippocrates’s oath-it’s not only an oath but a promise to oneself that we will die serving humankind

Established in 2006 with its headquarters in New Delhi, India SEED (Sustainable Education & Economic Development) is a leading organisation assisting students to study MBBS overseas in various countries. Many students from India and other countries are looking for effective and efficient medical education. There has been a rise in students from India looking to study specialized MBBS options. There are thousands of students who want to study MBBS in America, Europe or other foreign countries and to advance their careers. 

In 2016, the system of MBBS admission to the government and private medical colleges is completely changed. The government medical colleges would be through NEET – 1. The private medical colleges in India would be allowed to admit students on merit of NEET – 2 entrance exam. This has completely stopped the donation culture prevailing till 2015. Hence, the Indian students aspiring to become doctor find it difficult to get a medical seat in India. As a result, Their is only option remains MBBS abroad.

From 2017 onward,  the system would be smoother when the government and private medical colleges would be strictly through merit through one entrance test – NEET 2017. Once the results are announced for 12th standard boards in April / May every year and after the AIPMT in May, the student generally knows where he or she stands in the competition. Hence, this is the right time for the student to carve a Plan B for themselves. The biggest benefit of MBBS abroad is you can study in MBBS abroad college / university without any entrance as well as low costs to study!
In general, Indian students aspiring to become medical practitioner must understand the 3 options lying in front of you right from the beginning.

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